Sample Reception Timeline

Planning a Wedding Reception?

We realize that for many couples, this is probably the first time that you are planning a Wedding Reception and this can be confusing… especially about how things should flow throughout the evening. So, let us help.

Here is what you can expect from DJ Connection. (Please keep in mind that this is a sample of a reception itinerary. You have the choice to make yours different and we are very flexible.)

Before Your Guests Arrive

DJ Connection disc jockey’s will arrive early, before our scheduled start time, for set-up and proper sound checks. We will also contact facility / banquet hall manager to coordinate the afternoon / evening, as well as check for any last minute details or changes.

While Your Guests Are Arriving

Music will be playing and your guests will be entertained with what we like to call “Mingle Music”. A combination of light jazz and love songs. The music will be played at a comfortable listening level that will allow your guests to converse and not be over-bearing.

When the Wedding Party Arrives

When the wedding party arrives, they will normally be taken to a private room in the facility to await the Bride and Groom’s arrival and enjoy some refreshments while settling in. When the Bride and Groom are ready to go, our dj’s will assemble everyone into the proper introduction order, and verify that we have pronounced everyone’s name correctly. We will also give last minute instructions on where everyone will go and what they will do when they enter the ballroom. Then we will make sure that the facility, photographer, videographer and any other key people are in place and ready to go, before we begin. We will then proceed with the Introductions of the wedding party and then our guests of honor.

Grand Entrance and First Dance

Once the parents and wedding party members have been introduced, It’s time for the Bride & Grooms Grand Entrance. Certainly they well be greeted with cheering and a rousing round of applause from their friends and family. When concluded, the bride and groom will normally take the dance floor for their “First Dance” together.

First Dance

This dance is usually reserved for only the Bride & Groom, to a song that they have specifically chosen. After the first dance, this is traditionally the time for a “Welcoming” by Dad and / or a Blessing or Grace to be recited before eating. If this applies, we introduce the proper clergy, family member or friend for the blessing. (Wireless microphones are provided for this and all other formalities throughout the evening.) Father / Daughter and Mother / Son Dances typically take place after lunch or dinner.

Next we will open the food stations, allowing the wedding party and immediate family to proceed first, and then the remainder of the guests. If your reception will have individual plated dinner service, we will make the appropriate announcements for dinner to be served.

During Dinner

During Dinner you can expect to hear appropriate dining music, again light jazz and love songs that set a romantic mood and will be presented at a comfortable listening level. If you prefer other types of music during this time, just let us know. Normally, the Bride & Groom will finish eating first and we recommend that they make their way around the room and visit with their guests. Once most of the guests have finished eating, it is time to move on to the next set of formalities.

Father / Daughter and Mother / Son Dances

Usually, the Father / Daughter and Mother / Son Dances are next on the schedule of events. Typically, the Bride & her Father will take center stage. This song is usually chosen by “Daddy”. (If you need suggestions for this dance, or any others, just let us know) Half way through this dance, the Groom & his Mother can be invited to join in. Or if they prefer, the Groom & his Mother may choose to dance to their own special song. Either way is appropriate, it just depends on each couples preference.

Open Dancing

After the Formal Dances have concluded, the dance floor is open and dancing is encouraged for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on how the guests are responding.

Other Formalities

After some open dancing, it’s time to move on to other formalities such as Toasts and Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss, Anniversary Dance (a.k.a. eldest married couple dance), etc., or any other formality unique to you and your guests. After these formalities are concluded, the dance floor is once again opened and you and your guests can dance the rest of the night away.

Conclusion of Reception

As the reception approaches its end time, most of our clients like to slow it down and enjoy a few “ending songs” to finalize the evening. These are normally slow songs, but some like to end on a “high note”. You will certainly have the final decision on how you want to end your reception and what songs are played.

Once the music is over, it will be time for your exit. Whatever you have in mind for your leaving, (i.e. Bird Seed, Bubbles, Sparklers, Rose Petals, etc.) We will make the appropriate announcements to your guests and give them proper direction for your exit.

Again, this is only a “sample itinerary” and we hope it helps with your planning. We certainly encourage you to make your reception unique and we will do whatever we can to make your special day everything you dreamed of.

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